Comparison of Insulin Receptor vs. IGF-1 Receptor
Folding Conformation Alignment

  • Rich structural data of insulin-like growth factor 1 rece ptor (IGF1R) and insulin receptor (INSR)has been accumulated, and the sequence alignment was applied in comparison.
  • In this study, instead, the folding conformations of IGF1R and INSR are directly aligned for structural comparison. The crystal st ructures of first three domains of L1-CR-L2 structures of IGF1R (PDB ID: 1IGR) (Hubbard, 1997) and INSR (PDB ID: 2HR7) (Murzin, 1995) are available in PDB.
  • The images of first three domains for IGF1R (1IGR) and INSR (chain A of 2HR7) are displayed in Fig.3. 
  • With PFSA approach, the folding structure alignment between IGF1R and INSR agrees with equence alignment.



  • Yang J & Lee WH, Protein Structure Alphabetic Alignment, Protein Structure, Edited by Eshel Faraggi, InTech Publishers, (ISBN 978-953-51-0555-8), 2012, 133-156




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