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Probe Binding Site for Drug Discovery (PBSDD)

Probe Binding Site for Drug Discovery (PBSDD). For a specific drug binding site, with high-throughput process, the PBSDD technology is able effectively to screen protein databank (PDB) and find out the potential binding sites for inquiry drug. The result will provide the lead information for bio-assays and the development of drug for multiple therapeutic functions.


With PBSDD technology, researchers are able fast and effectively characterize the protein fragments and find out potential binding sites for a queried drug from large amount of data of protein databank. Consequently, it will help to develop drug for multiple therapeutic targets and drug with multiple components, predict side effect of drug, study drug pathway and mechanism in molecular biology.  This technology is significant in research and development for various drugs, including the drugs for cardiovascular, oncology, diabetes and nervous system diseases etc. The technology is able to apply to FDA-approved drugs, drug new investigational treatment and nature products.  The lead information will speed up the procedure in drug discovery with saving time and investment.


Discover Multiple Target Proteins for Drug

Our technology is suitable in research for drug discovery, Chinese traditional medicine and natural products. The technique is capable to discover multiple target proteins for a specific drug.

Drug in Discovery: Define protein targets, accelerate development proces
Drug in in Clinical Trial:Save the failed drugs, looking for a new direction of development
Drugs Approved: Discover new function, new therapeutic efficac
Diagnostic Molecule for Biomarker: Find out high specificity molecules for disease detection
Protein Structure Analysis: Structure comparison, differential analysis, mechanism study



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