Promote the protein structure fingerprint technology

    Reveal the nature of folding variations in proteins

    Apply protein structural large database for drug discovery


    Protein Folding Shape Code (PFSC)

    Protein Folding Variation Matrix (PFVM)

    Probe Binding Site for Drug Discovery (PBSDD)

    Protein Structure Fingerprint Database

  • Describe protein folding conformation
  • Predict protein folding conformations
  • Misfolding vs. diseases
  • Gene / protein mutation
  • Protein / peptide design
  • Antibody / antigen recognition
  • Protein differentiation in various species
  • Virus and bacteria strain evolution
  • Active site analysis
  • High-throughput screening protein database
  • Discover drug's multiple targets
  • Reveal the nature of protein with intrinsically disorder


    Provide complete description for protein with known structure

    Provide complete conformation variations for protein from sequenc

    Provide lead information for drug discovery mining protein databases

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