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Protein 3D to PFSC; Amino Acid Sequence to PFVM
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* Yang J. Comprehensive description of protein structures using protein folding shape code. Proteins 2008;71.3:1497-1518
* Yang J. Protein Structure Fingerprint Technology. J Bioinform, Genomics, Proteomics 2018: 3(2): 1036

    Apply the protein structure fingerprint

    Reveal the nature of Protein folding

    Provide the lead info for drug discovery


    Protein Folding Shape Code (PFSC)

    Protein Folding Variation Matrix (PFVM)

    Probe Binding Site for Drug Discovery (PBSDD)

    Protein Structure Fingerprint Database

  • Antibody and antigen design
  • Protein/peptide drug development
  • Mutation analysis
  • Comparison protein structures
  • High-throughput screening large number of protein data for lead information
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • Misfolding vs. diseases
  • Virus and bacteria strain evolution
  • Prediction of multiple targets for drug
  • Provide complete folding information for any protein

    Provide complete folding description for protein with given 3D structure

    Provide complete folding variations for any protein according sequence

    Provide lead information of protein for drug discovery

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