• Interrupt complex protein structural data with a consistent technology
  • Apply rich structural information from protein database to promote life science and biology research and drug discovery


  • Provide complete conformation description for protein 3D structure
  • Provide complete folding conformations for any protein  
  • Provide information to study the mechanism of disease-protein-drug in life science
  • Provide the lead information for drug discovery


  • Microtechnano, Ltd was found in 2006, locates at Indianapolis, IN, USA. Company focuses on the research & development (R&D) of micro-structure for nanotechnology, computational biochemistry and chemistry, and information technology. Microtechnano, Ltd. looks up the technical transformation and collaboration, and provides service and products to scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Micro Pharmatech, Ltd was found in 2012, locates at Wuhan, China. Company focus on drug research and development with application of integrative technology of bioinformatics, computational chemistry and molecular biology.  The company is led and managed by experts with many years working experience in pharmaceutical companies.


Dr. Jiaan Yang is an expert in theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, bioinformatics and molecular biology with working experience in academic research and pharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Jiaan Yang is CEO/CSO, Micro Pharmatech, Ltd. He completed his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry at Louisiana State University in 1989; received a M.S. degree from Theoretical Chemistry Institute, Jilin University, China in 1981; Sr. System Analyst, Discovery IT, Eli Lilly and Company (1998-2006); Adjunct Professor, Life Science School, Jilin University (2009- Present); Adjunct Professor, Chinese Scientific Academy Research Institute, Advanced Technology Center at Shenzhen (2011- Present). President & CSO, MicroTechNano, LLC (2006-Present); Vice President of Drug Discovery Technology of Sundia MediTech (2009-2011).

In recent years, Dr. Yang focused on the development of Protein Structural Fingerprint Technology. He made several breakthroughs in this area which promoted the molecular biology research and drug discovery. In 2008, Dr. Yang created the Protein Folding Shape Code (PFSC), which provides the complete description conformation. In 2010, he developed the Probe Binding Site for Drug Discovery (PBSDD) technology, which is able rapidly to make high throughput screening protein database to find out drug targets. In 2015, he successfully developed the Protein Folding Variation Matrix (PFVM) which is able to assemble local folding variations along protein sequence for complete protein folding conformations.


Micro Pharmtech, Ltd
666 Gaoxin Road, B5-111
Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Develop Zone
Wuhan, Hubei, China 430075
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